Microsoft Excel – Support and Training

Despite new programs and apps coming into the market every day, Microsoft Excel still continues to be a huge part of day to day business reporting. The problem is, not everyone understands its full potential or knows how to drive it…!

Due to huge demand for Excel support from local business, I have developed the following services:

    • Understanding data that can be extracted from your existing system and exported to Excel
    • Design and build every day reports that can be refreshed with a ‘Click’
    • Help staff read and understand what reports are telling them, and skills to update the data
    • Health checks on existing Excel files to make sure data is validated and correct
    • Formula writing to make every day tasks easier

Excel is a Beast that is worth taming for your business

    • Providing one to one training with Managers and staff on specific reports in your system
    • Inhouse group training that is hands on and interactive; Full training booklets provided as a follow up from what is covered in the session.
    • Group training off-site with a focus on Basic, Mid or Advanced skills – all taylored to suit.  Half or full days; Training booklets and USB’s provided
    • Attendees are encouraged to bring files for discussion (where appropriate, and with Management approval) so the training is real for them

Could you or your staff benefit from an Excel course?  All Microsoft Excel coursesBox are interactive and informative… expect to talk about day to day realities, not just follow a course booklet